SS: Interview with Jamie Quaid + Giveaway!


Today I am super happy to have author Jamie Quaid by my side. Her Saturn’s Daughter series rocked my world and I’m glad that she accepted to join us to celebrate the release of the second book, Damn Him to Hell! Make sure to stick around for a giveaway at the end!

1- I really like the first novel in the series, Boyfriend From Hell, and I’m sure everyone would like to know if the second installment, Damn Him to Hell will be just as funny and action-packed?

Thank you, kindly! I’d like to believe it’s funny and action-packed– I certainly notch the action up another level. But humor is in the eye of the beholder, so unless you know you like frog humor, you’ll have to answer that one for me after you read it.

2- How would you describe the main characters to someone who’s unfortunate enough to not have read the first book?

Does bizarre, insane, lusty, and concerned cover it? <G> Tina—she of the weird Saturnian abilities— is obsessed with justice, and not precisely in the legal, rational manner of the lawyer she is. Then we have the invisible gay teenager, the snake-producing investigator, the handsome US Senator returned from hell, and Andre—the gorgeous but seriously freaky and paranoid Special Ops hunk. Just your usual chemically-polluted neighborhood.

3- You remained pretty hazy on the Gods mythology in BFH, will we finally learn more about it and Clancy’s abilities?

Tina won’t come into her full abilities until her 28th year, so she’s still learning what she’s capable of and really starting to worry herself. She develops a few more serious quirks this time around (frogs are involved!), and reaches out to another Saturn’s daughter. The problem is that Saturn’s daughters are so busy staying alive that they really don’t have time to write down what they learn.  It takes time to research a mythology no one is telling them about—and granny still isn’t too helpful. But it’s looking like whole new dimensions are involved…literally.

Let me ask this of your readers…what would you like to see happen? Do you really want a god to step down out of heavens with a rule book? Or do you want the Daughters to be their own force?

4- Andre turned out to be one of my favorite characters, will we get to know him more in book 2?

Oh YEAH! Andre gets in way over his pretty head this time around, and we learn a little more about those dimensions I mentioned…  He’s just a bit more than an all-around, average guy.

5- The folks in The Zone are pretty weird, do you think they’d be the kind to celebrate the summer solstice?

They’re mostly a pretty cynical lot, and the solstice is about celebrating life, not hell—which kind of haunts our polluted neighborhood—but if you can show them a good reason to celebrate, they’re all over it. Can the gargoyles come, too?

6- Have you ever attended this kind of celebration yourself?

Let’s just say I’ve created my own bonfires a few times and not go into details, okay?


Thank you so much Jamie for stopping by ❤ It’s always such a pleasure to have you on board!

More about Damn Him to Hell:

Damn Him to Hell

Justice is blind. Justine isn’t. Book two in the Saturn’s Daughter series, in which Tina Clancy is gifted with the power to dispense justice…for good or evil.

Tina Clancy is adapting to her new life as one of Saturn’s Daughters while living in the toxic part of Baltimore known as The Zone, and occasionally acting as a champion of the downtrodden, the weird, the innocent…and the sometimes not-so-innocent.

Just when she finally lands a real law job, the Zone is blasted by poisonous gas and her sometimes-boyfriend starts receiving visitors from Hell. He’s none too pleased about that, or in Tina having sent his granny to Hell in his place. For that matter, neither is granny…

Purchase: Amazon | Book Depository

Previous books in the series:

Boyfriend from Hell (Saturn's Daughter, #1)


Jamie is generously offering  2 copies of Damn Him to Hell to 2 lucky winners!

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Patricia Rice“As a fan of urban fantasy and kick-ass heroines, I’ve often wondered why we’re drawn to fangs and fur when there are so many grim realities our heroines can conquer.  While pondering the possibilities of fighting evil in a real world, I created Justine Clancy, a woman who has fought the bullies of the world all her life, without realizing she was pre-destined to be an arbiter of justice—until she accidentally sends her lying boyfriend to hell. And the devil handsomely rewards her.

But along with power must come knowledge—and for Tina, that includes learning not only the difference between good and evil, but all the shades of gray in between. Because sending the wrong people to the Underworld could have grave consequences, literally. But not doing her job can hurt the people who have taken her in and accepted her. For the first time in her life, she has a home, but it’s going to require a whole lot of housecleaning to drive out the demons hiding there.”(source)

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16 comments on “SS: Interview with Jamie Quaid + Giveaway!

  1. Congrats to Jamie on her newest release!!! I just got book 1 and I'm sooo excited to catch up 🙂 Ummm… I think from what you said in your interview, the Daughters of Saturn should be their own force….

  2. Book one was amazing – I've had book two on my wishlist since I learned the title. I love how the setting is like another character! I think the daughters should figure the rules out on their own, as well as make a few up along the way – and they should be flexible.

  3. I loved the first book and while I think having the God come in with a rule book would create a lot of mayhem to the story, I also think that the daughters could create mayhem on their own..I am looking forward to reading the future books in this series and see which way the daughters decide the series should go.I really don't think they'll be much good at following rules.

  4. I haven't started the series yet but I think it would be interesting if there were a couple of seemly hard set rules and watch the daughters skirt their way around them, find the loop holes and totally write their own interpretation of them. In that respect, they would still be their own force but it would be serious fun pissing off and frustrating the hell out of 'Daddy' and any other higher ups.

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