A New Design for Arely!

I just completed a new blog design and I thought you might wanna see 🙂


Click to visit Arely’s blog!

Arely ordered the Complete Blog Design and with a fee of only 7$/hour, her new look cost less than 80$!

Package includes:

    • Header
    • Background
    • Button with Grab Code
    • Navigation Bar
    • Custom blockquote, fonts style and color
    • Social Media Icon Pack (Max 5 of your choice)
    • Rating system
    • Favicon
    • Signature
    • Meme Banners matching your blog (2 of your choice)

You can see here her previous look:

Make sure you visit her and let her know if you like her new look 🙂

Want a relooking of your own? Hire me!


By tyngauf Posted in design

5 comments on “A New Design for Arely!

  1. It is beautiful Tynga, I might go for it 🙂 if you can communicate over the ocean with someone who has no knowledge at all of what you are doing. And technical English is very different from bookish English 😉

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