Stacking The Shelves [47]

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Hey, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I apologize for the lack of vlog and wide plethora of books. As of my 18th birthday, I’ve put myself on a book buying ban except for the select few amazing ones due to the fact that I want to help out with some costs for college (like textbooks or something since I’m not much help financially otherwise). So, bear with me with the small haul!
The Ward by Jordana Frankel (Thank you Jodie from Uniquely Moi Books!)
Poison by Bridget Zinn (Review)
This was pre-ordered for me for my birthday because I enjoyed my ARC so much. Thank you to my aunt! 
What did you add to your shelves this week?


27 comments on “Stacking The Shelves [47]

  1. Hi Lili,I think we can all identify with the cost aspect of being a book addict, smart of you to budget for the textbooks etc. I've got a ton of undreads books I've bought over time, so I'm sticking to Netgalley for my reads over the next few months too. I've picked up Poison this week too. Happy reading 🙂

  2. I am SO SO excited to read The Ward! Of course, that may partially be due to the fact the author was my college roommate and one of my bridesmaids. But still… even if I wasn't friends with the author I would be excited for it! So excited that there's just over a month till it''s debut!

  3. Hi, Lili! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Well, don't feel bad about having a small haul. I understand, since I am a compulsive book buyer myself. Both of the ones you have here look GREAT! I want them both!! Lol. Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday, and enjoy your books!! (Note to Lili's parents: Hey, it's the girl's birthday! Give her a $50.00 Amazon or B&N gift card, and she'll thank you forever!!)

  4. Happy Birthday! Budgeting for your textbooks is an excellent idea. Don't forget to take advantage of your library for new reads and check to see if they have used book sales. I pick up many books that way.

  5. Oh happy birthday! 😀 And good luck with the book buying ban! Those are hard work, hehe. I like the look of Poison, and I've heard good things about The Ward so far. Hope you enjoy them, and have a lovely week! 🙂

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