Wicked Lies blog tour: Dark Mission giveaway!


I just got some exciting news: there’s a fantastic tour-wide giveaway for Karina Cooper’s Wicked Lies tour! As a result, it’s slowly turning into Karina Cooper week here on Team Tynga’s Reviews but I’m sure you don’t mind. 😉

If you missed Karina’s most excellent guest post from Monday, which kicked off the blog tour, you can find it here. It’s a great post so I really hope you’ll take the time to read it. She explains how WICKED LIES came to be and why it’s an important story to tell. And once you’ve read that, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on WICKED LIES, available now, and enter the giveaway for some the already released Dark Mission novels!

Wicked Lies by Karina CooperIn this Dark Mission novella, Jonas Stone emerges from the shadows into his own story, and finally allows himself to have the same shot at love he’s given his friends.

Jonas Stone has been given his first independent operation: rescue the insurrection leader’s imprisoned grandson from the Mission. Getting the job done means more than getting Danny Granger out-it means staying with him while he heals. Staying too close, for way too long.

Danny is everything Jonas isn’t: confident, optimistic, honest–a man to be reckoned with. If only it didn’t mean going against everything Jonas has planned. He’s kept his secrets for years, hid behind a mask no one could see through…until now. Danny isn’t the kind of man Jonas deserves. But he might be exactly the man he needs…

Jenn’s thoughts

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Tour-wide giveaway: One (1) winner will receive a full set of the Dark Mission print books (released to this point) which includes: Blood of the Wicked, Lure of the Wicked, All Things Wicked, and Sacrifice the Wicked

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16 comments on “Wicked Lies blog tour: Dark Mission giveaway!

  1. I really enjoyed your post the other day. Learning the back ground to how things come about is very interesting and I think adds to the reads enjoyment. Thank you.

  2. Awesome author post. I think this is a milestone that will be very meaningful for a lot of people. Donating the proceeds to It Gets Better is even more awesome.

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