Giveaway: Fallen and Cold Light by Traci L. Slatton


Thanks to Traci L. Slatton and her publicist, we have 2 sets of e-copies of both Fallen and Cold Light by Traci L. Slatton to giveaway!

I had never heard of this series before, but I fell in love with their covers, since they’re absolutely incredible and chilling. I really enjoyed reading FALLEN and I’m looking forward to reading its sequel, COLD LIGHT.

Here’s a bit more about the first two books in the trilogy:

slatton - fallen

When the world ends, all that is left is love….

As chaos descends on a crippled Earth, survivors are tormented by strange psychic gifts. In this time of apocalyptic despair, love is put to the test. One woman with mysterious healing power guides seven children to safety. Charismatic Arthur offers her a haven. Slowly Emma falls for him. But at the moment of their sweetest love, his devastating secret is revealed, and they are lost to each other. Will Emma stay with him?

Stéphanie’s thoughts

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slatton - cold light

The end of the world brings chaos, madness, and psychic powers.

For Emma and Arthur, separated by an ocean, it brings a love that demands everything. Emma’s beloved daughter is kidnapped by vengeful raiders, and Emma embarks on a soul-crushing journey to rescue her. When Arthur finds Emma, can she trust him? Against impossible odds, Emma draws near the rogue camp, where she also confronts the deepest choice of her heart….

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Two (2) lucky winners will receive an e-copy of the first two (2) books of the trilogy, FALLEN and COLD LIGHT.

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Ends Sunday, July 29, 2012

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33 comments on “Giveaway: Fallen and Cold Light by Traci L. Slatton

  1. At first I thought I hadn't read many post-apocalypse books, but then I realized I have, they're just all Urban Fantasy. I like seing how the characters overcome new adversity.

  2. I love post-apocalyptic books because they are so full of possiblities. We haven't had an apocalypse yet, so authors are free to imagine any type of human response that they want.

  3. I'm completely in love with post-apocalyptic books at the moment – I like the way that different people imagine the world could be if an apocalyptic event did happen!

  4. Hi Stephanie :)These look really fabulous! Love dystopian/post-apocalyptic reads, and the covers of these ones here look gorgeous, which only makes me want to pick them up even more! Thank you for sharing, sweetie!

  5. These books sound really great and those covers are awesome! I feel like there are endless possibilities when it comes to dystopian novels! It's all up to the author and how they going to build a futuristic world!

  6. This series sounds fantastic. I've always enjoyed post-apocolyptic stories, I've always fascinated with imagining what it would be like in such a world. I love seeing how people deal with such a huge change to their lives and what's been the norm.

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! Post-apocalyptic books are really cool because they are something we might experience someday so that adds a bit of scary realism to them.

  8. Thanks for a great giveaway! I love reading post-apocalyptic books! I love how authors can turn the world literally upside down and how people react to this new world.

  9. I love to see the post apocalypse in the eyes of the author. Everyone has a different opinion about it. Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway!Lauren @ Mommabears Book Blog

  10. I love post-apocalyptic books because it's a new world in which humanity can rise up again and/or classic themes of good and evil abound! There is always promise and hope with this type of genre. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. The thing I like most about post-apocalyptic books is that all bets may be off. Everyone is starting over and new rules are the norm. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  12. What I like about the post-apocalyptic worlds is how people are forced to survive without the niceties that they are use too. It seems the characters in these types of books usually have more depth and are more humble. Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  13. Those covers are fabulous!!! I love post apocalyptic books because it shows how even through the worst people can survive and usually find a little happiness!

  14. I agree, the covers are gorgeous! I am such a fan of dystopia. I went from never having read one last year, to that genre now becoming one of my faves! I love the survival aspect of post-apocalyptic books.thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  15. I like post-apocalyptic books. Main characters have to deal with a difficult world knowingl all they had lost… It's a terrible world and I love see them when they became heroes 😀

  16. I like post-apocalyptic books. Main characters have to deal with a difficult world knowingl all they had lost… It's a terrible world and I love see them when they became heroes 😀

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